Ubuntu 9.04: overzealous DHCP client

Maurizio Vitale mav at cuma.i-did-not-set--mail-host-address--so-tickle-me
Wed Oct 7 18:22:17 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Reilly <sfreilly at roadrunner.com> writes:

    Steve> Maurizio Vitale wrote:
    >> I switched to DHCP using the Network Manager in order to connect
    >> directly to my ADSL modem and debug a few issues I had.
    >> Upon switching back to static IP assignment (the switching itself
    >> works) I find myself switched back after a few tens of minutes
    >> (haven't figured out if it is on the hour, but I have nothing in
    >> my cron.hourly).
    >> Somebody knows who might be the culprit and point me in the right
    >> direction?  Before touching the Network Manager for setting DHCP
    >> I've been running with static assignment since 8.10.
    >> Thanks,
    >> Maurizio

    Steve> apt-get install wicd

Thanks, that was it. I'm not sure the Network Manager doesn't do static
assignment right, because things were working with static IP set through

But I did have wicd running and that was re-establishing its own setting
and querying the DHCP server periodically.



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