how to create a .torrent file

user1 bqz69 at
Mon Nov 30 16:57:44 UTC 2009

> You need to create the .torrent file on the webserver where the file is
> hosted.


I tried to open the deluge bittorrent client, and then I did:

Deluge - File - Create Torrent

Then in the Files box I inserted my video (bigfile) on my harddisk.

Then in the Trackers box I inserted following 4 trackers:

In the Webseeds box I inserted the address of my video, which is exact 
the same file as the video sitting on my harddisk (it is actually a 
folder containing an html file and the very video file):

Then I clicked the "Save" icon, and the .torrent file was created.

Then I uploaded this .torrent file, so it is sitting next to the video 
file on my webhotel address.

When I now try to click on the .torrent file, it opens Transmission 
bittorrent client, and begins to download the file, and it shows 4 
connected peers, but is idle, probably because nobody else is trying to 
download the same .torrent. :-)

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