how to create a .torrent file

user1 bqz69 at
Mon Nov 30 15:16:36 UTC 2009

> What I found is:
> To make a .torrent for a big file.

It does not work.

What I do not understand is, that if I make the torrent file inclusive 
its tracker addresses, on the harddisk of my pc where i have a copy of 
"bigfile" sitting.

How do I make it work, when i upload the "bigfile" and its .torrent onto 
my webhotel, the address of the webhotel is not the same as my dhcp 
address of my computer?

If anybody tries to downoload my .torrent and then tries to download the 
"bigfile" via the .torrent, it thinks the bigfile is sitting on my 
harddisk, but maybe my computer is switched of (it will not see the 
address of the webhotel in the .torrent??

I am reading myself  hot on google, but cannot find my answer :-)

Any suggestions :-)

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