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"It's not ridiculous. Most people don't know that free/libre exists. 
It's our job to educate them. And we have to take into account 
what software people use. I think in most cases, they only need 
an office suite, mail, browsing and IM. If so, Linux is a very 
good alternative. If they are using, say, Photoshop otoh, Linux is 
not such a good alternative, despite of Gimp." 

That's true. The other thing its getting much easier for Linux as a whole to use. Back in 2000 I was interested and tried RedHat. My hard drive created a partition...but unfortunately there was no boot loader (i.e Grub). As a result I gave up. Compair that to ubuntu now and you can pop in a usb or a cd and be set...wubi works for my home desktop and the usb worked on my laptop. Obviously other operating systems have their user base. I just got sick of windows for the most part. In places where I've worked it was interesting to see what was used. Panic attacks over viruses mandated at one place to use a virus scanner....which took well over an hour a day! In another place they use linux somewhat but it's still mostly command line (no gui? why?). There's so many places that could easily use the OS but for some reason they like spending more money on things. Emulation I think might bridge some of this gap. Applications I saw much of the time were old DOS ones which were emulated in windows. 
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