Regular Expression Puzzle

Loïc Grenié loic.grenie at
Sun Nov 29 13:39:02 UTC 2009

2009/11/29 Alan McKay <alan.mckay at>:
> Dude, that's a bit of a convoluted way to go about it.
> How about keeping it simple?
> cat file | sed "s/<div>/<p>/g" | sed "s/<\/div>/<\/p>/g" > newfile

   even simpler:

sed "s/<div>/<p>/g" file  | sed "s,</div>,</p>,g" > newfile


   (one sed, two regexps)
sed -e "s/<div>/<p>/g" -e "s,</div>,</p>,g" file > newfile

   (only one regexp)
sed "s,<\(/\?\)div>,<\1p>,g" file > newfile

  (shown only for the last one, but it can be used for any,
  change in place)
sed -i "s,<\(/\?\)div>,<\1p>,g" file
  in that case the file "file" is changed, non new file is created.


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