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Mark Traceur marktraceur at
Sun Nov 29 11:51:45 UTC 2009

> I agree with this statement 100%. However, the OP never asked for help
> with Microsoft products. You answered the questions that show Ubuntu
> can replace certain OSX features, and did not answer the questions
> who's answer was that Ubuntu cannot replace XYZ feature. That is
> presenting a biased view. If your goal is to manipulate people into
> using Ubuntu, then that is a fine tactic. However, if your goal is to
> increase Ubuntu's userbase then you are doing the opposite of your
> goal because there "potential converts" will only get a bad impression
> of Ubuntu. You seem to deny the fact that Ubuntu is not fit for
> everybody. Specifically, you seem to deny the possibility that Ubuntu
> may not be appropriate for the OP. It may or may not be, we need more
> information, but tricking his daughter into using Ubuntu when she
> specifically stated that she wants a Mac is irresponsible.

That being said, our list is also not for supporting Apple products,
so the same rules apply. If he wants to know whether Ubuntu can
emulate the features he asked for, we are obligated to say that yes,
it can, because there are loads of ways to do it! Themes, Avant, even
simple Gnome tricks.

> I see that we have established that you hate "the system" (presumably
> Windows, but your wording is slightly ambiguous). I agree that Ubuntu
> is a terrific operating system for those who hate Windows. Ubuntu is a
> terrific operating system for many other reasons, too. However, that
> has never been the topic of this thread.

I was providing a counter-example of an alternative vs. a replacement.


Microsoft does half the work that Open Source developers do, and they
get all the money. Where's the justice there?

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