Firefox on 9.04 won't play videos at YouTube

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    Attention all--


    First, I want to thank Dan and everyone else who has offered advice.  Regrettably, however, Firefox still won't play video from sites like YouTube and Veoh on this person's computer.  I respectfully await any other suggestions. 


    Open Synaptic Program Manager, download ubuntu-restricted-extras  and everything should be just fine.


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I used Synaptic Package Manager -- this is 9-04 that's on the computer -- to remove gnash and mozilla-plugin-gnash.
ububntu-restricted-extras was already downloaded, so I reinstalled it and rebooted the computer.

RESULT:  Unfortunately, black screens are still being displayed where the streaming video should be.
I respectfully await further suggestions.
Geeze, You were supposed to completely remove(purge)  gnash and mozilla-plugin-gnash.  Did you using synaptic, completely remove those two files?  If not, then run:
sudo aptitude purge gnash mozilla-plugin-gnash
I see no problem with reinstalling ububntu-restricted-extras but you still need a flash plugin/player to play flash videos.
So that means reinstalling flashplugin-nonfree or flashplugin-installer whichever 9.04 has in the downloads.
Maybe run aptitude search flash to see what comes up and maybe run aptitude show <whichever flash program you think you need> to see what is says the program(s) are for and what they do.  Pretty basic stuff to help yourself out.  HTH you some.

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