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Odd iodine at
Sat Nov 28 14:57:47 UTC 2009

mdovell at wrote:
> In all due respects to Apple let me say this. 1) The look and flow of
>  apples OS I find to be better than that of Windows. Granted windows
> has made great strides (remember the Windows 95 = Mac 89 shirts?). 2)
> Unfortuatly what Apple has people pay for for the most part is the 
> design. Apple didn't invent the mp3 or the laptop or the smartphone
> etc. Much of what they have simply looks better

Yep. "Shiny" is what Apple does best.

> 3) The differences apple did have frankly getting to be less and
> less. Back in the day it ran on the Motorola 68000 family of
> processors (as did Atari and Amiga) then it went to Power PC...then
> it switched to intel chips it even had Power Computing as a clone
> maker until it was bought out. Their OS switched to a more unix based
> OS starting ten or so years ago (see 
> )
> Granted it isn't fully open source.
> I've already heard arguments of does the operating system really
> matter these days? I'd say the basics of most computers is simply
> getting on the internet and having an office suite.

I agree. The OS doesn't really matter. Apps matter. Linux
has most of what it needs. The only thing I miss is in media
production, ans then specifically in the DAW segment. I wish
there was something as good as Acid Pro on Linux. That's
the only reason I'm still running Windows on my workstation.

> Once you get to the concept of open sourced products it makes it much
> easier to change things.

Indeed. You have the source code, so in theory you can add/subtract
anything you like. That's the great thing about open source.

> I'll admit I've ran that whole Mac4lin program and it actually works
> quite well. I have the same doc anyway and then there's the
> background. I could easily fool most people into saying it's a Mac.
> It reminds me about the logic of a luxury car. If you take a entry
> level car today and take it back in time say 30 years and that
> probably was luxury. If you modify something for the look and feel
> (granted as long as you aren't selling it for a profit because that's
> a source of lawsuits) you can mimic anything you want.



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