Mac look alike?

Odd iodine at
Sat Nov 28 14:49:41 UTC 2009

Hal Burgiss wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 03:23:10PM +0100, Odd wrote:
>> We were actually talking about hardware. But if you want to talk
>> software, Apple has just as many security flaws in their OS as
>> Microsoft. Just look at the massive amount of holes Apple is fixing
>> with their patches. Also, Apple controls the entire ecosystem from
>> their machines to the OS and drivers. The amount of 3rd party hw
>> devices that Windows has, compared with MacOS, will of course lead
>> to more failures. But that's the price of choice, something that's
>> very limited in comparison on the Mac platform.
> Maybe there is a sub-thread that is hardware only, but I thought we
> started with window manager and making Ubuntu look/act like a Mac.
> In any case, the situation I was thinking about was recently I had
> the pleasure of discovering the owner of our business's laptop had
> 300+ viruses, despite having anti-virus installed. We wound up wiping
> the drive, reformatting, re-installing OS and applications, and she
> wound up changing her banking account passwords, etc. This was a
> relatively "knowledgeable" user.

Hardly. No Windows user with 300 viruses is "knowledgeable". They
are idiots that shouldn't be allowed near a computer.

> Windows is an accident waiting to happen for many people. Not for
> everybody, and not to say Apple is perfect, but the nightmares on
> Apple are fewer than the nightmares on Windows.

Only because Apple's market share is far less than Windows.


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