Mac look alike?

Mark Traceur marktraceur at
Sat Nov 28 11:29:55 UTC 2009

> So you are saying no one on this list is allow to post an opinion that favours systems over than ubuntu ? Nonsense. Just because I use and like ubuntu, doesn't mean I think
> it is the correct tool in all situations, and at times I favour OSX and even windows.

That's nice and all, but this is an Ubuntu support list, not an
advertisement for any operating system, even, technically, Ubuntu. If
a solution doesn't involve Ubuntu, fine, email the person privately.
At that point, though, it's not supporting Ubuntu so much as using
another operating system to support whatever dumb thing the user wants
to do--so they probably shouldn't have been on the list at all anyway!

I'm not censoring you everywhere, but this list has a very stated
goal, and many people are straying from that goal in this thread.
Stick to Ubuntu support.


Microsoft does half the work that Open Source developers do, and they
get all the money. Where's the justice there?

Just how easy is it to install Flash on Ubuntu 9.10? Here's how easy.

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