Mac look alike?

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Sat Nov 28 11:21:38 UTC 2009


> What's a "Window computer"? I f you are talking about PCs
> running Windows, they are pretty much the same as a Mac,
> except for the outrageous price tag. And they run MacOS just fine.
> Look here if you don't believe me:

and are illegal.

Mac machines are not 'outrageously' price when you do a fair like-for-like comparison to another machine. Yes, there are a lot of much cheaper machines around, so if you want cheap, go for them. Apple doesn't do cheap. On the other hand if you pick a windows machine built to the same quality as an Apple, the cost different is a lot smaller The apples are probably still a little more, but not by as much as some people seem to think.


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