Apple Magic Mouse in Ubuntu

David McNally david3333333 at
Sat Nov 28 03:28:53 UTC 2009

Hi everyone.

Went to the Apple store near me today (it IS Black Friday, and I'm an
American), and I got to try out the Apple Magic Mouse for the first
time, and it's actually pretty cool. For those of you who don't know,
it looks a great deal like Apple's Mighty Mouse, but the surface is a
touchscreen (but without a screen, but I don't think there's a word
for that). You can up and down in a webpage by moving two fingers up
and down, and move back and forward in web page history by going left
and right with two fingers. They also (finally) put in left and right
buttons. It's really quite neat (but $80 - Yikes!).

I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Magic Mouse works with Ubuntu. It
connects to the Mac with Bluetooth and the Bluetooth in Ubuntu works
really well, so that couldn't be a limiting factor. However, if no one
has made drivers for it (and I suppose it would be harder to make
drivers for this mouse than it would be for most others), then that
would mean I can't use it (I can't program drivers, so I can't do
anything about it).

Still, there's probably someone out there working on a Linux driver.
If anyone knows, then thanks in advance for telling me!


David McNally
david3333333 at
Linux Kernel 2.6.28-15-generic

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