Mac look alike?

Odd iodine at
Sat Nov 28 00:08:19 GMT 2009

thomas wrote:
> Bas Roufs wrote:
>> 2009/11/27 Patton Echols <p.echols at>:
>>> My daughter is interested in replacing her laptop and has said
>>> she is interested in a Mac.  Seems to be mostly because of the
>>> eye candy and the scroll type launcher.  But I've never used a
>>> Mac so I've no idea really what she is looking at.  Are there
>>> settings that could be used for a similar look and functionality
>>> on the desktop?  Are there things that a Mac does that can be
>>> cloned?  If there are suggestions, I will try it on her account
>>> on my desktop machine and see how she likes it.
>> You could try installing Kubuntu at the laptop - this is Ubuntu
>> with a KDE window manager. "Clone" is not the right word. But the
>> graphical "look and feel" of Kubuntu is quite similar to that of a
>> Mac.  More info: Respectfully yours, Bas.
> Quite similar is far short of being same as.  She needs a computer
> that she will be very comfortable with.  If she needs to use Windows
> she can with a MAC.  Ditto for Ubuntu. No Window computer can run MAC
> OS.

What's a "Window computer"? I f you are talking about PCs
running Windows, they are pretty much the same as a Mac,
except for the outrageous price tag. And they run MacOS just fine.

Look here if you don't believe me:


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