netbook v. laptop / remix

Patton Echols p.echols at
Thu Nov 26 22:11:45 UTC 2009

Thanks for all the thoughtful replies.  I have been monitoring, but on 
webmail.  So as to not break the threads, I waited until I fired up my 
current lappy before replying.

I passed on the particular deal I saw, but am watching prices on a 
slightly larger (12") HP that w/ the LED backlights

On 11/25/2009 01:21 AM, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Amedee Van Gasse (ub) wrote:
>> You should try Crunchbang. This is an Ubuntu flavor with Openbox desktop.
>> Very lightweight, very useful for a netbook. Requires a little bit of
>> getting used to if you only know KDE or Gnome.
>     I really don't think a machine with 1Gb of RAM needs "lightweight" when it
> is more powerful than my last laptop that ran KDE 4.x.  Dell Latitude CPx P3
> 667Mhz w/256Mb of RAM.  Maybe on Droid?

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