Born Looser?

Leonard lenc5570 at
Thu Nov 26 05:29:15 UTC 2009

John Heinen wrote:
> Not really, but this is the second time that I lost out. First I lost
> win xp on one machine with ubuntu and now I lost vista on another with
> opensusy.  I  do like the arrangement but it is so hard to recover files
> from the windows family once they have disappeared into thin air.
>   My question is this, What would be better,  windows and wubi, virtual
> box or  unetbootin   Happy thanks giving Y'all.   John H
I didn't see the original post but are you sure your windows partition 
is lost.  It could be a
grub issue.  Have you tried to see if the windows partition is there or 
not using some partition
manager like gparted, etc.  Does the grub boot menu show the windows 
partitiom?  With more
info from you, someone on the list may provide a solution.  BTW, it's 
good to trim any reply of
unrelated material but you should always leave comments of what you are 
replying to so you
don't confuse people like me.

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