Cannot access broadband on 9.1

Walter Garcia-Fontes walter.garcia at
Thu Nov 26 05:27:12 UTC 2009

* Arthur Trevaskis [25/11/09 11:36]:
> Hello Walter,
> ADSL Router   "D-link DSL-502T"

Thanks, I have a system where this happens whenever I upgrade to a new
version. I solve it by changing a configuration file for
"network-manager", which is the application that  handles all network
connections by default. Some people hate and substitute it by another
application called "wicd", but I prefer to stay with network-manager
to keep my installation with the defaults which helps in updating to
new versions. I give you the step by step instructions I use fix this

1. Open a terminal (Applications -> Accesories -> Terminal)
2. Edit the configuration file (In the terminal type 
sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf
and when it asks you for a password, enter your login password.
3. In the editor go down to the line that says "managed=false" and
change it to 
4. When you save and exit the editor, enter in the same interminal
sudo service network-manager restart

See if it now connects. If it doesn't, just undo this change, just in
case it breaks some other stuff.

Walter Garcia-Fontes               

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