Karmic: stop: Unknown instance

Pierre Frenkiel pierre.frenkiel at laposte.net
Wed Nov 25 16:42:54 UTC 2009

On Wed, 25 Nov 2009, Tom H wrote:

> It removes resolv.conf because you are supposed to enter name servers
> in NM's GUI screens and, anyway, if you are using DHCP and not using
> NM, your resolv.conf will be overwritten by dhclient

   As I need fixed adresses, I don't use dhcp, but the removal of
   resolv.conf occured, after 2 days of normal working, when I plugged
   in my pda, as the system decided, without asking anything, to lauch
   then dhcp, to the NM's request I suppose. In fact, it was not really
   removed, but replaced by an empty one! How clever...
> My one big criticism of NM is that it stores its config in some
> "secret" files and directories. The devs may have had their reasons to
> choose to do so but I would have preferred for eth0, wlan0, etc to be
> configured by NM in /e/n/i, or that editing /e/n/i or /etc/resolv.conf
> be reflected in the NM GUI.
   Right, but that's enough to get rid of it.
   It's exactly what I said in my previous post, when I spoke of the tendency
   to hide all system operations.

Pierre Frenkiel

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