How to configure IP Table server

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On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 09:54:02 +0530, jiten jha wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 6:22 PM, Aart Koelewijn
> <aart at>wrote:
>> On Wed, 18 Nov 2009 11:42:12 +0530, jiten jha wrote:
>> > Hello Tear,
>> >
>> > I want to configure IP Table server. How to configure it. Is there
>> > any way to configure iptable server only in one NIC card?
>> >
>> > I have not router. I have only switch only. one ISP connection . IP
>> > Table server is connect on LAN (local area network). All pc are
>> > connect to a switch and IP Table server is also connect to switch.
>> >
>> > This configuration will work or not. Please give me suggestion .
>> I'm not familiar with what you call IP Table server, but I once had a
>> network where several computers were connected to a switch, which in
>> turn was connected to internet. In this case one of the computers has
>> to be configured as a nameserver. You need bind for that. The other
>> computers will have to use the computer where bind runs as their
>> nameserver. I don't remembers details as this was many years ago, but I
>> remember I had to use the ethernet port on the computer where bind runs
>> as both etho and eth0:1 (or something like that). The configuration was
>> a bit complicated at that time, but there may be some tools around
>> nowadays which could make configuration easier. The easiest way is to
>> replace the switch by a router ;-)
>> Aart
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> Hello friends,
> Some one who send me that they do not have knowledge about ip table then
> read linux first then reply on mailing list.
> Thanks for reply Aart Koelewijn, Sambit Bikas Pal
> I just want to configure ip table in my local network . No one will be
> access any porn sites .

I suppose you mean the packet iptables as a firewall. I don't use it 
myself, so can't be off much help. But as far as I know, if you have your 
network through a switch, one off you computers will have to be the 
nameserver and all your outside traffic will have to go, or can be 
configured to go through this nameserver. Then I expect configuring the 
firewall on this server will be sufficient.


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