Cannot access broadband on 9.1

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Nov 25 11:40:08 UTC 2009

2009/11/25 Arthur Trevaskis <ajelectric at>:
> Connected by wire (ethernet cable). (I think wifi is wireless ??)
> The 'little plug and socket Icon' - I seem to get the normal response using
> either right or left click, the little boxes drop down.

What does it say in the boxes?

> From memory, when I hover it says  "the wired connection is connected" .
> I would have to re-start the computer with the Linux HDD to see this now,
> then again re-start with Windows HDD to get back to you, and I have to go to
> bed (work tomorrow), so what I actually see shall have to wait till tomorrow
> I'm afraid.
> Yes, I have been through the troubleshooting guide many times, tried many of
> the settings.

In that case go through the first couple of pages of troubleshooting
again and tell us the results of the tests suggested.  In full detail,
what you did and what happened.  The devil is in the detail in these


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