Command line printing settings/defaults on 9.10 not working correctly

Chris G cl at
Wed Nov 25 09:23:59 UTC 2009

I have three Ubuntu systems, currently two run 9.04 and a third is
running 9.10.  Command line printing (via CUPS) on the 9.04 systems
works as expected, I get output at 10cpi and 6lpi.  However on the
9.10 system command line printing comes out in a somewhat strange
looking font at about 5cpi.  Explicitly setting the cpi on the command
line has no effect.

E.g. if I do "ls -l | lpr" on my 9.04 systems I get a sensible looking
output at 10cpi in typeface that looks like Courier to me.

However on the 9.10 system if I do "ls -l | lpr" or even if I do
"ls -l | lpr -o cpi=10" I get a strange looking font at about 5cpi.

Presumably something that used to work correctly in CUPS 1.3.9 is
broken in CUPS 1.4.1 but I can't find any reported bugs that seem
particularly relevant.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be and/or a
workaround for it?

N.B. I have two printers, one with it's own network connection, the
other available via one of the computers and the problem is identical
with both printers.

Chris Green

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