netbook v. laptop / remix

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at
Wed Nov 25 09:00:35 UTC 2009

On Tue, November 24, 2009 12:10, Steve Lamb wrote:

>> Question 2. Does anyone have experience with this particular netbook and
>> Ubuntu Netbook remix?  Obviously I won't leave windows on it any longer
>> than absolutely necessary.
>     I would avoid UNR like the plague.  Designed with a netbook's smaller
> screen size in mind means "foisting a stupid launcher on you and forcing
> all
> your apps to go full screen whether you like it or not."  Seriously.
> There's
> this application called maximus.  The sole purpose of that app is to force
> all
> your windows full-screen; even if they are not intended to ever be used
> full
> screen (like some configuration dialogs).  There is NO configuring it.  NO
> telling it to not run.  NO ability to remove it nicely.  After an hour or
> two
> of frustration I resorted to chmod 000ing it to get it to stop screwing
> with
> my machine.
>     Meanwhile the applications themselves are not modified in any way to
> accommodate the smaller screen.  They still waste vertical space by having
> both GNome bars active.  Stupid enough on a full-size screen, down right
> criminal on one as small as a netbook's screen.  Also the number one thing
> to
> do for browsing, if you use Firefox, is to install the Addon "Compact
> Menu".
> Takes the menu bar and makes it a single icon.  Saves vertical space.
> Decidedly absent in UNR.  So I see UNR as a whole lot of crap and no real
> benefit.
>     Better to go with the normal distribution and tweak to taste.

You should try Crunchbang. This is an Ubuntu flavor with Openbox desktop.
Very lightweight, very useful for a netbook. Requires a little bit of
getting used to if you only know KDE or Gnome.

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