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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sat Nov 21 20:43:46 UTC 2009

don fisher wrote:
> don fisher wrote:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>> 	I have lost the little thing I used to call for a backup of 
>>> my linux. I was using rsync -avg /  exempt/media exempt/dev  . 
>>> .. /media/disk-1, or something like that.
>>> 	I have looked at man rsync which is confusing, and tried 
>>> Google but their info is trivial.
>>> 	Is anyone using something like this?
>>> Karl
>> I have the following in a a script that backs up the entire disk to a 
>> 500GB usb drive that I mount on /backup.

	Hi Don, this is almost exactly what I want to do.

>> sudo nice --adjustment=10 rsync -rlpgouvtS --progress -v

What does "sudo nice --adjustment=10" do? I have never tried 
sudo nice, ever.

>> --delete --modify-window=1200 

	What does "--progress -v << --delete --modify-window=1200" do?

>> --exclude-from=/home/your_name/rsync-backup_exclude / /backup
>> The rsync-backup_exclude fike looks like:
>> /proc/*
>> /sys/*
>> /dev/*
>> /lost+found/*
>> /var/log/lastlog
>> /swapfile
>> /usr2/*
>> /usr3/*
>> /tmp/*
>> /net/*
>> /mnt/*
>> /cdrom/*

Why do most entries end with /* but a few just end?

>> You probably don't have all of the same mount points that I do, so edit 
>> to taste.
>> don
> Sorry, but /backup is also in the rsync-backup_exclude file.

	I was going to say what happened to the possible endless loop?

	I will edit to taste and fool around. I did a pretty good 
backup with rdiff-backup which I think uses rsync, but there 
where a lot of errors listed.

73 Karl

> don


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