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don fisher hdf3 at
Sat Nov 21 18:23:26 UTC 2009

Karl Larsen wrote:
> 	I have lost the little thing I used to call for a backup of 
> my linux. I was using rsync -avg /  exempt/media exempt/dev  . 
> .. /media/disk-1, or something like that.
> 	I have looked at man rsync which is confusing, and tried 
> Google but their info is trivial.
> 	Is anyone using something like this?
> Karl

I have the following in a a script that backs up the entire disk to a 
500GB usb drive that I mount on /backup.

sudo nice --adjustment=10 rsync -rlpgouvtS --progress -v
--delete --modify-window=1200 
--exclude-from=/home/your_name/rsync-backup_exclude / /backup

The rsync-backup_exclude fike looks like:

You probably don't have all of the same mount points that I do, so edit 
to taste.

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