Horrible problem with SAMBA -- Does Karmic work?

Pete Clapham pclapham at windstream.net
Fri Nov 20 22:27:38 UTC 2009

Hi, all --

I have done a clean install of Karmic on my file server and am tearing 
my hair out.  I'm almost ready to bolt for Red Hat!

I have tried numerous times to set up SAMBA so that students can log 
into the system and access the files they need to access.  They can't.  
The latest error is that the machine account isn't set up.  But I can't 
find where the machine account is.  When I upgraded from Jaunty (which 
worked fine), I got this error and was unable to delete the machine 
password from the /etc/samba/smbpasswd file to reload it.  Now there 
isn't an /etc/samba/smbpasswd file at all, so the accounts must be 
stored elsewhere.  Any ideas?  Students /can/ log in directly to the 
server or via ssh.  The problem is samba, and it appears to be the 
machine accounts.
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