little survey on email habits

Res res at
Fri Nov 20 05:48:35 UTC 2009

On Thu, 19 Nov 2009, NoOp wrote:

> A web forum? It's obvious that you've never viewed and/or posted to this
> list via

No, why would I, what part of I prefere to use email for lists dont 
you understand? after all thats exactly what mailing lists are, email 
based redistribution lists.

> Have you ever used nntp & usenet? I suspect that you

given ive been a newsmaster at various ISP's since 1995, I kinda think 
I know what it is, I also used it since near day dot as well, I was also 
using its predecesor, fidonet and the like long before.

> have; what you get with is exactly the same as when you
> subscribe to a usenet group via nntp. The messages are threaded &

dont care... I use the real method, always will.


"What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!

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