Strange files (probably linux virus?) found in flash drives

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Nov 19 10:29:11 UTC 2009

arshad wrote:
> hi all,
> i mounted my flash drive in two different points. and if i access the
> drive through each point i see strange two files in each point. screen
> shot added. please tell me what the problem is:

It's a .desktop file.  They are gnome launchers.  In this case, I'm
assuming it's exactly what it says, a launcher to the "Computer" location.

Not so long ago, there was security concern that Gnome would simply
execute .desktop files without needing the execution bit to be set.  I
see from your screenshots that now Gnome keeps a list of .desktop files
that are "trusted.", and doesn't automatically treat them as launchers.
 I figure you must have, deliberately or accidentally, copied the
launcher from the Places menu to your thumb drive and it was
automatically added to the trust list, hence why it appears as
"Computer."  However, when you mount the thumb drive to a different
location, the file is no longer regarded as trusted, so Nautilus then
displays the actual filename.

If you examine the file with a text editor, it should contain:

Comment=Browse all local and remote disks and folders accessible from
this computer
Exec=nautilus --no-desktop computer:

(as well as a great deal of internationalization I left out)

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