Cheese: "No camera found!"

Patton Echols p.echols at
Thu Nov 19 09:46:03 UTC 2009

On 11/17/2009 12:29 AM, Detlef Lechner wrote:
> Hi,
> lsusb recognizes my Web cam Logitec Quickcam E2500 ( Some days ago this web cam produced pictures and videos on Cheese and Linphone on this Karmic computer but last night Cheese reports: "No camera found!" 
> At that time /var/log/messages outputs: 
> '~$ lsmod' signifies that the modules v4l1_compat, vesafb, video and videodev are loaded.
> /dev/video0 with (81,0) exists.
> '~$ xawtv /dev/video0' produces (except for start messages) the repeating message: "libv4lconvert: Error compressing JPEG: unknown huffman code: 
> 0000ffff." The Huffman values sometimes (but rarely) differ from 000ffff.
> I unplugged the USB camera plug and plugged it in the second USB receptacle. This made no difference.
> How to troubleshoot?
I don't have a great answer.  But I had a similar problem, when the 
camera would hang, /dev/video0 would exist, but camera not found.  When 
re-plugging the camera, I would then have both /dev/video0 and 
/dev/video1 The latter would work.

I never had time to finish tracking the problem, but I mention it in 
case you have the same situation.  The extra info might give someone 
other ideas.  If you have come across solutions, i am interest in hearing.

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