USB devices not detected

pravin sura supra99_98 at
Sun Nov 15 20:52:06 UTC 2009


I just join the list as a user and I am waiting for the forum participation. I am sorry if I am trying too fast to resolve an issue with the ubuntu 9.10 CD. 

I have an HP pavilion with AMD Sempron CPU and SATA disks. With WindowsXP it is usable fully. It identifies the USB drives, scanner and printer.
However, when the ubuntu is booted with the CD, it does not detect any USB drives whether it is inserted after the boot or before the boot. The /proc/bus/usb directory is empty. The boot required additional parameters as follow.


I could not use any help provided under the System --> Help because it crashes with the dump. Reporting the bug had another issue. Other forums that I have tried is not of any use yet. 

Can you plese help to resolve the issue?


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