Can anybody confirm these bugs in gnome-power-manager?

Detlef Lechner Detlef.Lechner at
Mon Nov 16 13:21:02 UTC 2009

Sascha Güthling wrote:
> I just subscribed to this list, so forgive me if this was discussed 
> before.
> I have some issues with gnome-power-manager.
> First of all it doesn't detect my battery after waking up from 
> suspend. This causes all kind of trouble and inconvenience.
> See bug report here: 
The proper way to discuss your bug is to do
'~$ ubuntu-bug gnome-power-manager' and send the results to Launchpad, 
adding your observations and files to bug report #472247.
> And than gnome-power-manager doesn't trigger the expected action on 
> critical battery level. This seems to be an older problem.
> See bug report here: 
I suggest an analogue procedure.
> I would highly appreciate if anybody else could confirm these bugs
I cannot confirm your 2 bugs. But I have other issues with 
gnome-power-manager is a complex program and very much hardware dependent.

> to help fix them.
The suggested procedure is the most efficient way to help fix your bugs.



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