Is 9.10 a black eye for Ubuntu?

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Nov 15 22:50:28 UTC 2009

Robert Spanjaard wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 15:14:55 -0600, Willis Taylor wrote:
>> First, I am running Karmic n both my primary computer and on the reserve
>> on the other end of my desk.  Yes, there is a minor glitch with Gimp
>> freezing the machine but it has just managed to make me a better
>> computer user because I save more often.
>> Am I mad at the Ubuntu development team?  No, I am not.  Is there a
>> black eye involved?  It would appear that there are many as a result f
>> Karmic but none of them belong to the Ubuntu Team.  When I was a Beta
>> Tester for MS I worked with some lousy software.  Ubuntu has not dump
>> junk on the market that could not get past the Beta Testers ad expected
>> people to pay for the privilege of using junk software.
>> Now, a key point.  Anyone that can develop a perfect Operating System in
>> six months is not a member of this planet.
> Anyone thinking that Karmic was developed in six months while claiming to 
> have a background in software development is insane.
>> Computer users should learn to not cry and to not give themselves a
>> reason to cry and stick with the version developed for business and the
>> average user.  A short term system is nothing more than a beta version
> Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that Karmic just moved _out_ of beta status. Must 
> be my mistake.
>> that is to become the LTS version in 11/04.  For those of us that enjoy
>> the challenge, Ubuntu gives us the latest version every six months and
>> we are never asked to spend a dime for it.  So why all the tears ad
>> discontent?
> Because, as you said yourself, Karmic is nothing more than a beta version. 
> It's not the final release version that Canonical claims it to be.

	Karmic = Jaunty + 6 months of design change. I have both on 
this computer and I prefer Jaunty. You might prefer Karmic if 
you took time to use it instead of complaining.

	In any case it is always free to me. Not to Canonical who 
spends money to get things right. Unless your mentally unfit 
you should realize there is nothing free in this world.

73 Karl


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