Old lady lost windows xp

Gordon gbplinux at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 18:01:08 UTC 2009

John Heinen wrote:
> Dave Stevens wrote:
>> On Thursday 12 November 2009 03:04:55 pm Mark Traceur wrote:
>>>> The hard drive has windows xp on it but it won't start and we can't redu
>>>> it on account of the lost cd with the numbers.
>>>> I tried to install a legal windowsf 98 ( she is familiar with) and then
>>>> as an intrduction  e.g. puppy linux, but the computer hangs up and keeps
>>>> looking for windows xp.  with it's ID numbers.. John H
>>> From what I can gather:
>>> 1. The HD has XP installed, but it is not starting.
>>> 2. The lady has lost her CD.
>>> 3. You installed 98 from a CD she DOES have,
>>> 4. and promptly found that the computer still tries to boot to XP.
>>> 5. Linux doesn't work either.
>>> Make sure you've installed to the correct drive--if you haven't, it'll
>>> still have ntldr in the first drive and break the install.
>>> If that doesn't work, find ANY XP install CD and (from the recovery
>>> console) run 'fixmbr'.
>>> Try accessing the files using an Ubuntu live CD, if the drive doesn't
>>> mount...it's probably dead. Especially if it once had '98 on it, it's
>>> probably a decade old and needs replacing.
>>> Good luck!
>>> --MarkTraceur
>> why is a non-working Windows XP installation a problem for the Ubuntu list?
>> Dave
>>> --
>>> Microsoft does half the work that Open Source developers do, and they
>>> get all the money. Where's the justice there?
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> Thanks for your good advise, let me explain this, I need to do this
> right, right?
> She has window xp on it, someone reinstalled it, {not me), with a bigger
> drive 40 gb,  it still has to be validated with the numbers, she doesn't
> have them. 

What do you mean by "validated with the numbers"? That doesn't make
sense. Presumably what you mean is ACTIVATE with the Product Key. AFAIK
you can't install XP WITHOUT entering the product key in the first place
so what Product key was used to install it?

> She does have windows 98  cd with the numbers and would be
> very happy to use it. It was my suggestion to use win 98 and also a
> puppy linux edition  John

Windows 98 won't boot from the CD AFAIR, you have to boot from a W98
start-up floppy.
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