how to convert swf to ogv format

bqz69 bqz69 at
Fri Nov 13 02:10:43 UTC 2009

I have tried to use gtk-recordmydesktop and xvidcap to capture a screenshot of 
drag and drop, but none can do that.

Then I found, that wink can do that, but it gives out a swf file without audio.

I can record ogg audio with audacity, and my intention was to merge the swf 
video with the ogg audio.

I can merge ogv video with ogg audio to an ogv video with sound.

I tried using winff to convert swf to avi, and it works, but the avi video 
plays way too fast, and I have also tried a lot of ffmpeg and mencoder and suggestions without any luck.

I have found out, how to drag and drop images and links from firefox into 
kompozer version 0.8b1

I have a plan about making a tutorial video about kompozer

Any suggestions?

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