DRBD inside DRBD

Ante Karamatić ivoks at grad.hr
Tue Nov 10 12:41:48 UTC 2009

Gilberto Nunes wrote:

> I was afraid to work with pacemaker/corosync.

Pacemaker/corosync is still a moving target. I've tested it with DRBD 
and it does work. There is no documentation in Ubuntu server guide about 
it since I don't want people to just use it, thinking it's a fully 
tested solution - it's not. It should be in 10.04 and documentation will 
be provided for it.

> Indeed, I have think much about rhl cluster suite.

Goal is to drop it in 10.04 and replace it with pacemaker as a preferred 
Ubuntu solution. At the moment, RHCS is industry standard, but even 
RedHat's Fedora is including pacemaker in latest release.

> But I not have much "know how" about rhl cluster suite over Ubuntu....
> Is It work like as RHLE???

It should be exactly the same. 3.0.x series, included in 9.10, are 
prepared by RedHat to be less RHEL specific, so some problems that 
existed before, should be solved now.

> Do you can point some doc/howto about it???

There's no Ubuntu specific documentation. I use RHCS in production and 
I've used official RedHat and CentOS (which is basically copy of 
RedHat's) documentation for setting it up.

If you really want to work with heartbeat, stay with 8.04 or 9.04 and 
wait 10.04. If you feel like testing, go with 9.10 and set up pacemaker. 
There are good tutorials at clusterlabs.org and at drbd.org.

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