doubt on cloud computing

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Nov 11 03:49:52 UTC 2009

On 11/10/2009 07:34 PM, Senthil Kumar M wrote:
> no response... :(

To what?

If you are a "finalyear student" then certainly you'll know how to use a
search engine to find general answers. This is an Ubuntu technical list,
"ubuntu-users -- Ubuntu user technical support, not for general discussions"

Your original post:
 Upto my understanding cloud computing is something like a software as
service what google provides (online spreadsheets).
Am I right peoples?

I have a doubt. It provides spreadsheet feature so v no need to install
excel software, so if v programmed some applications and hosted it in called cloud computing??? becoz gmail done that I think,
they programmed for spreadsheets and provide it as additional service right?
clear my doubts please..

has *nothing* whatsoever to do with this list.

If you'd like information regarding Canonical's commercial/free cloud
computing services, then these links may help answer your questions
regarding that service:

Other than that, I'd suggest that you look elsewhere for your answers.

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