Audio on Ubuntu 9.10

thomas valhalla2100 at
Wed Nov 11 02:31:32 UTC 2009

Check the System >>Preference >>Sound to see if it is set to mute.
I had the problem when I was upgraded. Accidentally discovered this
while exploring for something else. Unchecked the muted and I am able
to get the on-line old time radio programs station, BBC, CBC and other

Do you ever listen to BBC RadioFOUR? I like it very much. Even listen
to "The Archers".


NoOp wrote:
> On 11/10/2009 01:35 AM, Arun Shrimali wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Recently I have loaded Ubuntu 9.10.
>> I would like to run audio on browser (firefox). I ahve tried a lot to
>> run audio on firefox but failed. I have loaded restricted-extra, all
>> gstreamer, xine, etc. but no result. Where as sound is working
>> properly on my PC. (with booting sound etc.)
>> I could not run the radio in google gadgets, I could not run BBC online radio ??
> BBC online radio (
> is flash. Do you have flash installed?
> You're on your own with google gadgets.

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