weird folder with ms printer drivers in my home folder

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Nov 11 02:27:54 UTC 2009

Vitorio Okio wrote:
> All at a sudden I've found a strange folder in /home on my Jaunty.
> The folder is using apparently random 30 digits number for its name.  It 
> contains 2 sub-folders: /amd64 and /i386.  Each of those in their turn 
> contains a bunch of same files: several .dll's, .cat, .gpd, and .inf 
> files.  According to a time stamp the folder is about couple of months 
> old.
> The .inf file in each mentioned above sub-folders suggests that these are 
> files for "Microsoft system driver files for XPSDrv print drivers."
> I cannot imagine how possibly this crap could happen in my /home on a 
> pure Linux laptop that is operated within a pure Linux network 
> environment.
> Any suggestions folks? Should I be worried about integrity of my little 
> network?  
> Though I do not see how possibly this junk could be used withing Ubuntu, 
> especially considering its weird location in /home folder.

I've been compromised by a worm before, and well know it's possible, but
this doesn't look anything like that.

If I were to make a wild arse guess, I think you must at some time have
installed a package that provides universal Cups printer driver for
windows network clients.  I'm not at all certain the files are supposed
to be located in /home, but perhaps they got moved there by accident?

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