tcpwrappers for sendmail?

Rashkae ubuntu at
Tue Nov 10 18:32:56 UTC 2009

Knute Johnson wrote:
> Rashkae wrote:
>> Knute Johnson wrote:
>>> I have a ubuntu server installation running sendmail.  Is it possible to 
>>> configure it to use tcpwrappers to control access?  If so can somebody 
>>> give me the details?
>>> Thanks,
> Thanks for the post but that isn't really my problem.  Tcpwrappers or 
> sendmail (I'm not sure which), as it is currently configured in my 
> installation, does not affect arriving mail connections.  If I put 
> ALL:ALL in my hosts deny, sendmail still works flawlessly.
> Thanks,

ookay, sorry I'm working blind, as I've never installed sendmail since
Slackware days, and can't really test.  But just to confirm, you are
certain that you are, in fact using sendmail?  Note that any MTA
installed (postfix, exim, etc) will include a sendmail binary, even
though it's not really sendmail.  (If that makes sense to you, you get
to keep my job :)

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