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Tue Nov 10 07:07:35 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 14:07 +0530, Bunyameen Mohamed wrote:
> Failed to install Avant Windows Navigator on Karmic Koala, anyone else
> faced same problem? 

Please be more specific. For example:
* did the install fail because it couldn't find the package (or a
package that is required for successful installation) ?
   If so, have you:
   1:  added the community-maintained (universe) repository
   2: reloaded the package database afterwards with any of:
       * command line 'sudo apt-get update'
       * 'reload' button in synaptic
       * 'check' button in Update Manager

* does the program fail because you aren't running a compositing window
manager (you need compiz or compiz-fusion or similar to support AWN)

* some other problem is reported (which we can't identify because we
can't see your console/ X display/terminal window), in which case you
need to tell us
* what you were doing
* what error messages (text, dialog box, etc.) were displayed
(preferably as a text transcription if the error is displayed in a
dialog box ;)

These 3 scenarios are different (and there are probably other applicable
scenarios that I haven't covered), and the advice for fixing the problem
is dependent on what the problem is.  Until we have enough information
to identify the possible/probable causes, the community can't offer
useful advice on possible fixes.


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