Karmic screensaver asks for password

Laura Conrad lconrad at laymusic.org
Mon Nov 9 18:11:51 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Laura" == Laura Conrad <lconrad at laymusic.org> writes:

    Laura> I suppose I can try to remove xscreensaver and install
    Laura> gnome-screensaver.  

OK, I removed xscreensaver, and gnome-screensaver was running and had
a box for whether you wanted to lock the screen when it was active and
I said, "No."  My machine continued to ask me to enter a password when
I came back to it.  So then I asked gnome-screensaver not to run when
the machine was idle, and it isn't, but the machine is still asking me
for a password after I close the lid, but not if I just leave it open.

The "Settings" => "Power Management" screen is set to "Blank Screen"
when the lid is closed.  Where do I set what to make it stop asking me
for my password? I assure you that if someone gets into my apartment
and starts fiddling with my laptop I have worse problems than whether
he or she knows my password.

This does make me feel better about eventually upgrading the desktop,
since it doesn't have a lid to close.

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It can't be any new note. When you look at the keyboard, all the notes
are there already. But if you mean a note enough, it will sound
different. You got to pick the notes you really mean!

Thelonius Monk, on being asked how he got a special sound out of the piano

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