LBP5050 canon printer

Steve Reilly steve at
Thu Nov 5 12:08:56 UTC 2009

sebastien wrote:
> Hi all !
> The canon LBP5050 colour laser printer sounds not (directly...)
> supported by ubuntu (8.04).
> My long web search gave this result :
> I should install this driver to get it work.
> But prior to buy this printer, can anyone tell me if it really works ?
> (it is not listed in
> Because I have to buy a colour laser printer, and Ive got the choice
> between this canon printer and the samsung clx 3175. This samsung is
> supported by linux. As I do not have win, I have to make a choice. And
> it will depend on your advises.
> Thanks !
> Sebastien.
no experience with that one but i just had a bear of a time getting a
pixma canon printer working on 8.04 for a friend.  needed 2 different
drivers and issue obscure apparmor commands to get it to work.  (and
this one said "works perfect" on openprinting!!)  if i had to choose for
myself, id choose an hp, never had a problem with several ive owned....
just my 2cents though...   on another note though........ kudos to canon
for even attempting to support linux! albeit not on their usa website...

Steve Reilly

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