Still waiting for an audio fix

NoOp glgxg at
Sun Nov 8 22:31:58 UTC 2009

On 11/07/2009 11:25 AM, Mark C. Miller wrote:
> Has anyone found a fix yet for the lack of audio problem several folks 
> have mentioned?
> One fix talked about removing a modem reference from hardware, but I 
> don't have a modem reference there.
> When I tested 9.10 before installing, it never struck me that the system 
> I tested on wasn't connected to my speakers ... my fault for being stupid.
> In the meantime, I've installed 9.10, thinking it was OK, on an two IBM 
> Thinkcenters, an HP, a custom-built box, and a Dell.  There is no audio 
> on any of them.
> I'm pretty much a newbi; I don't have any idea of where to start digging 
> around the system for possible fixes.  I was kind of hoping that one of 
> the updates might fix the problem.
> Other than this, and I think an xorg.conf problem on the dell (I think 
> the driver for the monitor has some sort of problem -- I can't get any 
> resolution greater than 800X600), the rest of the install has been 
> trouble free.  If I hadn't read about the problems others had I would 
> never have suspected.  I started with 8.04 and upgraded every time a new 
> version came out, and this was by far the easiest install.  
> If anyone has a clue on the audio, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Still waiting for you to answer questions others have asked :-)

Try: System|Preferences|Sound|Output|Connector| and while playing a
sound, try the different devices listed in the dropdown box one at a time.

Also have a look at:

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