Upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 only displays in 800x600 on Intel 82G35 display controller

Alex Janssen alex at ourwoods.org
Sat Nov 7 17:42:19 UTC 2009

fyrbrds at netscape.net wrote:
> Your xorg.conf may not accurately reflect your video card/monitor 
> capabilities. Here is the 24 bit mode section for my xorg.conf.  You 
> can use that as a template if you want to try modifying yours 
> manually. Sounds like it may be your only option. Goes without saying 
> that you should remove any options that do not fit your hardware's 
> capabilities.
>     SubSection     "Display"
>         Depth       24
>         Modes      "1920x1200" "1600x1200" "1600x1024" "1600x1000" 
> "1400x1050" "1600x900" "1280x1024" "1440x900" "1280x960" "1366x768" 
> "1360x768" "1280x800" "1152x864" "1280x768" "1280x720" "1024x768" 
> "1280x600" "1024x600" "800x600" "768x576" "640x480"
>     EndSubSection
> Hope that works for you. For some reason the video config programs are 
> very buggy. I always have to tweak it manually. That is bad for 
> newbies that are new to linux.
> Regards,
> john
Here's the answer in case anyone else needs it.
Go to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting.
All the info you need is there.  Read it.
After that I manually constructed the following xorg.conf:
*** xorg.conf ***
Section "Monitor"
    Identifier   "Monitor0"
    VendorName   "Viewsonic"
    ModelName    "VA1703wb"
    HorizSync    24.0 - 70.0
    VertRefresh  50.0 - 75.0
    DisplaySize  365 228

Section "Device"
  Option     "NoDDC" "true"
    Option "IgnoreEDID" "true"
    Identifier  "Card0"
    Driver      "intel"
    VendorName  "Intel Corporation"
    BoardName   "82G35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller"
    BusID       "PCI:0:2:0"

Section "Screen"
    Identifier "Screen0"
    Device     "Card0"
    Monitor    "Monitor0"
    DefaultDepth    24
    SubSection     "Display"
        Depth       24
        Modes      "1440x900" "1360x768" "1152x864" "1024x768" "800x600" 
I don't want to start a flame war.  Just noting this.  I would have to 
say this is not for the casual computer user, like my wife(and many 
others).  If it doesn't work, she says "why can't I just use Windows?", 
so I go fix it for her.  Another reason why Windows will remain the 
desktop king(but not in this crowd).  We work together and I make her 
use Ubuntu for her job.  She hasn't used windows for 2 years, now.

Ubuntu 9.10 on Intel DG35EC motherboard w/E8400 Core 2 Duo and 4GB RAM

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