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Larry Shields larryesu at
Fri Nov 6 11:34:57 UTC 2009

Jason Nichols wrote:
> ok so i been tryin to get the prince of persia: the two thrones runnin 
> on ubuntu, but it plays up to the loading screen and then dies...i 
> think, and i could be wrong, it uses 2 exe files (if you look in the 
> directory it has princeofpersia.exe and pop3.exe...if you try opening 
> the pop3.exe it says somethin about needing to open princeofpersia.exe 
> before it'll work) anyways is there anyway around this or some way of 
> making wine jump to the second exe file and not assume that it is file 
> over when it reaches the end of the first exe?
> thanks people :)
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I would suggest that you go to Codeweavers, and search there website, 
for Prince of Persia, to see if they have it listed...Or you can ask 
someone about it there...

Here is the url:

Hope this info helps you...


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