Major problems with 9.10.

thomas valhalla2100 at
Fri Nov 6 00:25:47 UTC 2009

The groups that did the upgrade of Ubuntu must have been trying to outdo
Microsoft's track record of releasing buggy Operating Systems. I think that
they accomplished their goal. So far experiences are very similar to the 
of my Windows experiences. I did not want to upgrade but it wasn't obvious
that I was getting it until it was too late. I assumed that it was 
another of the
typical upgrades that I have been getting. In addition to 
functionalities lost,
such as sound, it tends freeze up and I have to reboot. So far today 3 
Plus, the screen flickles a lot.

What is the world coming to if the open source free software is as bad 
as the
over priced stuff from Microsoft and similar outfits? Microsoft is not 
the only
company that is releasing buggy software that is over priced.


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