Network Manager

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Nov 5 21:51:23 UTC 2009

Tom H wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> I decided to learn how Network Manager (NM) works. I went to
>> Google and entered "ubuntu,networkmanager" and I got the usual
>> 10,000 hits.
>> Starting from the first I read the next 5 web pages and the
>> whole experience was similar to trying to get NM to work. But
>> I did get that NM is still in Beta stage. Also most people
>> were not able to get NM to do WiFi. The goal of the NM program
>> is to have NM always work with a wired Internet, and
>> automatically switch to WiFi when wired Internet is turned off.
>> Alas the WiFi part does not work.
> I have only used Network Manager intermittently (when setting up boxes
> for family and friends or when installing a new version of a
> distribution) and it is the default app for managing network
> connections for SO MANY distributions that it is hard to believe that
> it is as bad as you and some others claim that it is. It has always
> worked perfectly well for the people for whom I have installed and
> configured it (I can assure you that they would be far less flattering
> of it and me than you are of NM if it failed, even irregularly). You
> have built up such a strong pre-conceived notion of NM's failings that
> it will never work for you.
> Are you claiming that NM is beta software simply because it is version
> 0.8? If that is the case then Grub (1) was beta forever. Furthermore,
> it is the default at my previous and current employers where we were
> running a few thousand RHEL boxes each. I can assure you that we would
> have had to purge Grub from every box if it were beta, in order to
> prevent the "business-side" of the company from blaming our use of
> beta software for this or that server failure.
> Please refrain from making such bizarre and unsubstantiated claims in
> a public forum.
    I am on my laptop version 9.10 using NM on WiFi and here is the way 
it worked.

1. apt-get install NM
2. reboot
3. Came up asking for my keyring password! I have zero keyring 
passwords. I hit deny about 10 times and then another panel came up 
asking for my router password. I gave it the password and NM started 
4. reboot
5. Same keyring crap! I only use a keyring password when sending secret 
instructions to the companies I own stock for.
6. Hit deny 10 times and put router password in again and it works again.

    So the real problem with NM is it uses a keyring which I have zero 
knowledge of the password. And it will not work right until I get the 
stupid keyring right. Can you tell me how to FIX the keyring?

    Again, why does NM use a keyring? It is stupid!

73 karl

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