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> Hi Leo,
> Yes you are right it is kernels.
> :) 
> My
> questions:
> 1> I used synaptic package
> manager to update to latest version of UBUNTU. When i opened
> this tool; it suggested me to upgrade and i did.
Ok, shouldn't be a problem.
> 2> What  sort of implications are there of
> having multiple kernel options other then having a fall back
> option.

No implication unless you are short or room on the HDD. The kernel and its modules can take up significant room.

> 3> why UBUNTU does not update kernels;
> instead of reinstalling the latest version? 
I don't know the answer to that except that I think the kernel and version are optimized to each other.

> 4> Is there will be any problem with my
> machine if i uninstall.

If you mean uninstall kernels, then no as long as you keep the last two or more kernels.  If you mean to uninstall the operating system version then you wont have an OS unless you originally kept windose on the HDD or have some other OS still installed. From your post I assumed you only had version 9.04 and upgraded to 9.10.

> In the mean time i have read the tutorials at
> ubuntu site for doing the changes you said. and fully
> understand then. As i think of. :) 
Good luck, then.  FWIW, I have several versions or Ubuntu and Vista on my hard drive, all are separate installs on their own partitions and have many kernel entries for each ubuntu OS all without any problems.  There is no real need to remove any kernel from the grub list unless you are critically short of room on your hard disk.
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