boot problems after installing fedora 11

John Scott fyrbrds at
Wed Nov 4 14:21:58 UTC 2009

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Subject: Re: boot problems after installing fedora 11

John Scott wrote:
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> Subject: boot problems after installing fedora 11
> Are you getting a boot menu at all? How about posting your menu.lst
> John
    What happened is: when he loaded Fedora IT set up grub over
>the Ubuntu grub. Why he can't select Ubuntu from grub is the
>mystery I think.

73 Karl


Could be that the multiboot option was not uncommented. We've seen that 
a lot the last couple of days. The right entry may already be there if 
multiboot is disabled.  Or he may only need to copy the boot section 
 from the Ubuntu menu.lst to the Fedora menu.lst and run update-grub 
 from Fedora. That assumes that the is the same. Or he could 
do vice versa and update grub from Ubuntu and get into both that way. 
At least we know the Ubuntu is aleady using grub2.


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