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Subject: new on linux & ubuntu

my laptop can u tell me how can I install it on my winxp & how can I
uninstall. I downloaded ubuntu 9.10 alternate i386.iso kindly tell me 
how can I
install & uninstall it using winxp & where it will install I mean in C:
Drive or in D: drive? should I just double click & install the iso file 
>what should I do?

>Noman Salim

Your best bet is to follow Avi's Suggestion.  Install from within 
Windows by running wubi.exe from the CD. You will not need to 
repartition or anything. You only need to make sure you have enough 
free space. Since you already indicated you will want to uninstall at 
some point, Wubi is the obvious choice. You can uninstall it from 
within Windows.

Alternatively, there is no reason you can't just boot from the live CD 
if you just want the experience as a test. It is fully functional.



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