Some windows Blank

bqz69 bqz69 at
Tue Nov 3 06:52:26 UTC 2009

 > I have an old computer. It is a 433 MHz with 256 MB RAM. 512 MB swap.
> > Any Suggestions?

I just tried Lubuntu live cd on my old laptop 550 Mhz - 96 mb ram.

I found Lubuntu very slow, but it is a developement version!

puppy only takes about 100 mb of ram and works in ram

Here is a minihowto about puppy I made a long time ago - I cannot really cope 
with the speed of the developement of the internet software :-( 
backup of an encrypted partition using puppy linux.html

It gives a short intro about using puppy - the principle is still the same.

Download the iso, burn it into a live cd and then boot it.

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