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Kipton Moravec kip at
Mon Nov 2 20:18:19 UTC 2009

I have an old computer. It is a 433 MHz with 256 MB RAM. 512 MB swap.

I understand this is on the bottom end of the scale for Ubuntu Desktop.

A couple of windows do not load correctly, and are blank.

If I open a terminal window there is no text.

If I open update manager it looks fine until I update, then the pop-up
window that asks for my password is blank. If I type my password and hit
<cr> it disappears, and update manager works correctly.

Firefox loads slow, (which I expect) but the display seems O.K.
Even if I open a second window. 

When I load new SW from Ubuntu Software Center, the window for the
password works there.

Why do I have problems with those two items?
Any SW parameter I can fix? 

I can't find more memory, or I would have used it.

I really do not use the computer a lot, it is there for bit torrent,
seeding the three ubuntu i386 iso files. I have seen it get as high as
380 KB/s but it usually sits around 50Kb/s.

But sometimes I like to pull something up on it so it is on screen while
I am doing something else on my main computer. Or check something with a
terminal window.

Any Suggestions?


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--Mark Twain

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